Vaughn Renwick, CEO of WIRSPA : “We are stronger together”

Vaughn Renwick is the CEO of WIRSPA wich stands for West Indies Rum Producers Association. This organization promotes the West indies rums through the ACR (Authentic Caribbean Rum) label but also coordinates the implementation of quality and environmental friendly standards throughout the region. Vaughn gives us here…


Interactive map – Distillers mobilize day after day against Covid-19

By Alexandre Vingtier & Baptiste Bochet As the Covid19, the map we created is without borders. This is a non-exhaustive map that was created to show the will and intent of our worldwide industry regarding helping others. By creating this map we intended to thank distillers, brands,…


Trudiann Branker reinvents Mount Gay

Trudiann Branker, Mount Gay’s new cellar master inducted in April 2019, establishes her style. After five years of instruction under the legendary Allen Smith, Trudiann first honed her hand on the limited series which have revealed her preferences. After releasing the Pot Still Rum, part of the…


Rum & Sustainability – Virginie de Pouppeville: “Envisaging a future with no volume restrictions isn’t very realistic.”

Virginie de Pouppeville is Quality Manager at BBS (La Mauny, Trois Rivières). As such, she works across the entire production line, from field to bottle. She talks to us about the company’s environmental policy. Rumporter: What measures have you implemented for environmental protection? Virginia Poupeville: We are…


Rum & Sustainability- “People are our primary concern” – Interview with Alexander Gabriel

Navigating between Charente, Barbados and Jamaica, Alexandre Gabriel is building a small empire wihin the rum industry. Known for his passion for production, he talks with us about his social and environmental concerns andevokes the existing threats, particularly regarding the Caribbean sugar industry. Rumporter: Alexander, you recently…


Mount Gay goes old school

For over a year already, Mount Gay has been dabbling in a stylistic exercise: the Master Blender collection. After leaping into the future with its “Peat Smoke Expression,” the brand is peddling back in time to delve into the genesis of its distillation. We’re talking about 100%…


Rum Advent Calendar: Joshua Singh reveals (almost) everything!

The end of the year is approaching and the special rum Advent calendar is back. This year, the calendar is full of surprises … Joshua Singh, the creator, reveals some of them! Rumporter: Joshua, It is year 3 of the Advent calendar adventure. What is new this…


Glen Moray partners with Saint James Rums to create a new finish

Glen Moray Scotch whisky welcomes a new addition to the Elgin Curiosity range: a single malt finished in agricole rum barrels. After tinkering with a “rum finish” whisky last year aged in Depaz rum barrels, it’s now Saint James’ turn. The Scotch has spent two years in…


Cocktail recipe: “Creole Sidecar” HSE VSOP agricole rum

What to say about the Creole Sidecar, where HSE VSOP rum finds its full expression? I’ve had several rums from this range and was really impressed during tastings as I discovered the almost woody and toasted notes of some cognacs in this rum. The Creole Sidecar lives…

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